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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  March 27, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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morning in the case of a unarmed florida teen shot and killed last month. why his family is on the defensive. >> the constitutional. day two the supreme court is taking up the issue. a republican hopeful is in maryland trying to persuade voters before the primary on april 3rd. >> let's look live at our camera at the inner harbor. today is tuesday march 27th. thanks for joining us. you in for a chilly start. enjoy your living room and the warm cup of coffee. >> i am charley crowson good morning maryland. >> i am megan pringle. let's get a check with meteorologist lynette charles. that is change from everything we have seen so far. >> we are on the roller coaster ride. today the temperatures in the 30s and going into the afternoon we are going to be looking at still chilly temperatures only the 50s but let's start the day out with a big coat and you need a to dust it off if you packed it away. but, we will definitely being seeing the temperatures in the
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30s this morning and we have a freeze warning in effect as well until 9 a.m. and then temperatures will start to boost up a little bit. but this is what we have in terms of your temperatures. 35 degrees right now in centerville. 33 in millersville and mount airy around 26i wish was 62. it's 26 this morning. so we are well below freezing across the area. we will be dry as we go through the day. but the breezes will stick with us. we have a new system working its way in here. i will detail that coming up but let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. want to let everyone know we are dealing with wind warnings on bridges traveling on the by a bay bridge and key ring and tidings bridge restrictions for empty tractor trailers. so be be aware of that. and he can tray caution out -- extra caution. moving well for the most part. around 695 as we get a live look on the east side, passing the bwparkway good to go on inner and outer loop.
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good news for those on the west side all lanes opened and moving freely. right here at 695 and 4 frederick road, that work zone of course cleared for rush hour travel. back over to you. >> all right. democracy 2012 coverage. today another republican presidential candidate will be in maryland former house speaker newt gingrich will be in annapolis planning a visit to statehouse and will meet with business owners on main street and is scheduled to hold an event in salisbury. his rival mitt romney was in arbutus and maryland's primary is april 3rd. 37 delegates are up for grabs. this evening we will learn more about plans for maryland's primary and director of elects -- election that will be a speaker at a meeting at union baptist church. in addition to maryland's primary armsted jones will be expected to talk about the efforts to increase overall voter turnout. this morning, doctors at the university of maryland medical senter will discuss a facial transplant done on a 37-
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year-old man. that 36 hour procedure took place at shock trauma last week. the hospital is the second in the nation to perform a face transplant and will learn more about that today. today in annapolis, hundreds of students will rally for education tax credits a bill considered would allow businesses to receive a credit on their state taxes for donations to organizations offering financial assistance to children attending nonpublic and public schools. thousands of demonstrators have rallied across the country calling for justice for the trayvon martin case. >> the young man's parents are on the defensive after new information leaked out about their son's background. sherrie johnson is here with all new information for you on this tuesday morning. sherrie, every day something new. >> reporter: that's right. there's a lot of new information coming out this morning. today school without walls students faculty and supporters will march to the white house to call for justice for trayvon martin. also new this morning, trayvon martin aparents are expected to make an appearance -- parents
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are execed -- expected to make an appearance on capitol hill. on the day of his death he was visiting his father on a 10-day suspension from school. a baggy tested positive for marijuana residue and his mother has moved to trademark slogans that have been popularized in the outcry over the killing. she wants to trademark two slogans justin for trayvon and i am trayvon. her attorney says the move was not intended to reap a property. the teen's death sparked a national outcry and it's been a month since the 17-year-old was shot and killed in sanford florida and his killer neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman has not been charged claiming self-defense and says the teen was the aggressor. a new eyewitness says he saw the fight and zimmerman yelled for help. >> george had no intention of taking anybody's life. he cried for days after that happened. >> i know i cannot bring my
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baby back, but i am sure going to make changes so this doesn't happen to another family. >> reporter: a grand jury will convene next month to today decide whether or not he should be charged. megan back to you. >> five minutes after 6 right now. there have been demonstrations across the country one here last night for trayvon martin. being see how big the crowds r it's estimated more than a thousand people packed downtown baltimore to seek justice for the slain teen. crowds stretched from city hall to war memorial plaza. activists with several organizations including the naacp held signs along with skittles and iced tea some of the items trayvon had on him what's shot in florida. the maryland black legislative caucus is showing support for trayvon martin them the wore hoodies to the statehouse and want the justice department to look at laws concerning the stand your
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ground measure. this is on the books in 21 states giving people the okay to use deadly force in self- defense. >> we have all kinds of racists in the state and we need cultural competency and folks to understand racial profiling is something that shouldn't be done. >> katherine pew says when organized neighborhood watch volunteers are not allowed to carry weapons. on the facebook page allison weighed in around 1 saying what proof is there zimmerman's version of what happened? if he was indeed hurt why aren't there photos and he did kill someone. the story remains the hot topic throughout the course of the morning and in all likelihood for days to come. when you see rallies like this, and so much support for the sla what do you see as a successful outcome as a result of the demonstrations. leave us your thoughts on facebook
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today's supreme court will hear a second round of arguments on president obama's health care law. >> it's the second of three sessions focused on whether obamacare is constitutional or not. abc2 linda so is standing by to describe what happens today. >> reporter: the supreme court will hear more arguments on the case. today's session gets underway at 10. it gets to the heart of the challenge. whether it's constitutional to require all americans to buy insurance by 2014 and if they don't, is it okay to charge a penalty. you can expect another large crowd outside the supreme court as today's hearing gets underwaych the grass roots organization -- underway. the grass roots organization which oppose the mandate will cheater -- charter several buses to take people to washington, d.c. the states argue congress doesn't have the authority to force a person to buy something. if the mandate is constitutional they say there's no limit to what the federal government can force the americans to do. lawmakers for the obama administration say congress was well within its authority and the feds argue everyone will
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need health care at some point and currently tens of millions of the uninsured are costing taxpayers and hospitals more money. >> if the court upholds that, could the federal government then order you to eat carrots? could it order you to quit smoking?>> reporter: the supreme court is not expected to issue a ruling until june right as the presidential campaign heats up. linda so, abc2 news. 8 minutes after 6. anne arundel county police chief appeared in front of county council but declined to answer questions related to the indictment of county he can he extive -- extextive-- executive leopold. at the hearing he said legally he can't talk about things that he testified before the grand jury about that indicted leopold. leopold is charged with misuse security detail.
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that indictment says they complained to chief teare and he did nothing. there's a no confidence vote and jerry walker questioned the chief on that no confidence vote. >> the chief of police -- i am the chief of police and i serve with great distinction and honor. i am honored to be the chief of police. >> but they don't want you as the chief of police. >> thank you councilman. >> the county executive doesn't have a court date until september so unless council members can come up with way to force chief teare to testify he is likely to stay on and stay quiet at least until then. pink slime dominated the headlines for weeks. >> stay with us this morning. all the media attention they say is forcing three companies to shut down temporarily. we will explain why>> why go under the knife when many people are living with type 2 diabetes. what they are learning that could make this go into remission. >> i was fortunate and didn't lose my home. >> basketball game that not
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only broke world records and helped people affected by the tornado in joplin, missouri. >> and temperatures are in the 30s this morning. we have a freeze warning, but we could hit the 70s again this week. details coming up. >> and we are to have a pretty good start on the roadways right now. it might be a good time to get ahead of the congestion. we will detail that coming up next. >> first, we will head up to new york with a live shot from the statue of liberty, the torch. we will get new -- to new york for a look at today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites the false track for do not track the federal trade commission is calling on websites to give useers a way to stop companies from collecting and sharing information about them by the end of the year. otherwise the ftc says it will push for new laws. analysts say we will watch more movies online this year than dvd and spend far less on streaming videos than regular videos. service like netflix are the major reason. rich are not like you and i.
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only a 46% of american millionaires use facebook and less than 6% use twitter. by contrast 65% of all u.s. adults use the services. and texting and walk may be dangerous. a michigan woman fell into lake michigan while sending a message and was rescued. other distracted walkers wandered into sewers. that's your tech bites i am rob nelson. ♪
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developing smaller portion sizes and moreow- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. now "good morning maryland." news time 6:13. it's being hailed a once in a lifetime experience. 24 men set a world record by playing basketball for more than 107 hours straight in st. louis. proceeds from the fund-raiser will go to the tornado victims
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of joplin, missouri. >> there are people that lost everything. and not just possessions, but loved ones and it's easy to stand out here and do this. >> it took nearly a year to organize and the timing worked out so the game came during the middle of march madness. the mom from southern indiana who lost both legs protething her children from a tornado is recovering at home. part of her home fell on her when the stores ripped through henryville indiana earlier this month and she saved her 8-year- old son and her 5-year-old daughter by laying on top of them. decker says she is ready to get out of wheelchair. >> i am going to push that harder and see if we can't get prosthetics sooner because i am ready to get up and walk again. >> detectives do -- they have asecond home they have been renting out and friends and family remodeled it to make it
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wheelchair accessible and she sounds like an amazing woman. her piert most people would -- spirit most people would feel sorry for them snows and it's dry in indiana today. here at home, -- themselves and it's dry in indiana today -- for themselves. >> and it's dry in indiana today. a light breeze will make it feel that much worse outside. temperatures are in the 30s and i will show you that in a second. but we are feeling a lot colder. those winds out of the northwest at about 5 to 15 miles an hour this will be the scenario as we go through the remainder of today. you factor in the winds and this is what it feels like in baltimore. 29 degrees it feels like 27 in easton. and york, 19 degrees. i can't stress enough. bundle up as you head out andbundle up the kids like it's winter because that's what it feels like. going into the afternoon, it won't feel so much like winter but it's going to be be a lot cooler and feel cooler than what we have been feeling.
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satellite and radar, clear skies, translating into plenty of sunshine going into the afternoon. high pressure doing its thing really building in across the area. this is a cold canadian high and around that that northwesterly flow so it will be cool as we go into the afternoon. we have the next system back towards the west and it will be working in as we aboutg through tomorrow, tomorrow evening a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. and in the forecast, but i am going to call the thunderstorms or showers isolated that means not everybody is going to get wet. we will stay mainly dry as we go through the day and that will continue the dry factor as we go into thursday. for today, though that temperature 5 # degrees and this is below average we should be at 57 for this time of the year. and once again the breezes make it feel a little chillier. 37 degrees for tonight, that's seasonable and by tomorrow, well above average with that temperature coming in right around 70 degrees and mostly cloudy and warmer and there's the isolated shower and storms. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning the breeze is the big concern this morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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and that's the big concern wind warnings in effect. especially for those of you travel on the bay bridge and key bridge and tidings bridge. we have restrictions for empty tractor trailers. key bridge extra caution traveling on the east side of 695. and traveling on the north and west side of course you can expect a lot more cars on the travels this morning volume is building on the inner loop and outer loop here at 695 and green spring avenue. traveling in howard county, drivers are tapping the brakes towards maryland 100 onism-95. that pace gets slower as you continue southbound toward i- 495. looking at our drive times, there's relatively normal especially around the beltway. but on 95 a lot more activity and north of the city of course it's going to take you right now about 7 minutes from white marsh to the top side of 695. back over to you. >> this is diabetes alert day -- this is giteies alert day. -- diabetes alert day. dr. richard besser is here with
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a possible breakthrough. take a look. >> reporter: just 72 hours after weight loss surgery randy hasn't lost a pound but his diabetes is gone. >> your days of medication for diabetes are over for the rest of your life. >> out standing. >> reporter: he and his wife will no longer worry about the consequence of long-term type two diabetes blindness amputation and kidney failure that's why the studies are so exciting. the surgery reversed the condition instantly. how quickly might they come off insulin. >> some within hours if not days of surgery. >> reporter: today's study in the new england journal of medicine suggest the weight loss surgery which works by reducing the size of the stomach andintestines is more effective in medication n one study obese diabetics with the study had normal blood sugar two years later. group who didn't have surgery all still diabetic. amayingly the change happens before -- amazingly, the change happens before the pounds come
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off of the doctors think it may have to do with hormonal changes. >> diabetes controlled my life. i was so worried i was going to die. >> reporter: katy had the surgery three years ago. she considers her diabetes cured.give me three words to describe her now? >> healthy. >> reporter: healthy. >> healthy, healthy, healthy. >> reporter: healthy. and it was the operating room that made her that way. >> that was dr. richard besser reporting. diabetes association wants to help you recognize if you're at risk for type two diabetes they have a free online test head to our website and click on health and we have a link for it set up there. 6:19. your next trip to the unget moll iest could reveal more than a vision problem. you could find out a lot about your health during an eye exam. >> we could pick up things like you know diabetes and high blood pressure but now we realize ms where you can see
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changes in the retinal nerve fiber layer over time as a sign of ms. >> now he says he he seen strokes in the eye -- he has seen strokes in the eye aswotted leukemia and lymphoma. we have sweet news for you. a new study at the university of california san diego found that those who ate chocolate on a regular basis had lower body mass index meaning you could lose weight. lower bmi groups didn't eat fewer calories or exercise more than heavier people. it seems chocolate's properties increase your metabolism and they offset calories consumed. >> all right. >> it's two years since the bp oil spill and life in the gulf has been struggling to get back to normal. >> we will show you what scientists say they are worried about with the future of marine life. >> and president obama's candid conversation with a world leader heard by -- heard by all. what he said in open mike coming up next and as we head to break, a live picture of the u.s. supreme court day two of
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oral arguments regarding the obama affordable health care act." good morning maryland" continues in a bit.
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news time 6:23. and two years after the deep water horizon oil spill we are seeing new evidence of the impact on the gulf of mx colt scientist discovered dead or dying coral colonies covered in oil and organic materials. researchers say the oil matches the chemical fingerprint of the crude from the bp deep water horizon spill. coral is a good barometer to the health of the vowing water and provides breeding grounds. for former international monetary chief has been charged with pimping in france on monday for allegedly participating in a french prostitution ring. this is video of him in new york when he was accused of sexually assaulting a maid. his attorney says d attend
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sex parties but didn't know the women involved were prostitutes. an appeals court overturned the country's ban on bothels. court -- brothels. the court rude the ban against brothels was too broad and thesafest way to sell sex was to sell it indoors. but the ruling means prosecutes can legally work in brothels and they can also hire security and other staff. president obama is deflecting crit ies and poking fun at himself for a open mike slipup during a nuclear security summit in south korea and jokingly covered up the microphone before approaching russia's president. during a private conversation a microphone picked up the president our president asking him to give him space. he was caught saying this is my last election and after my election, i will have more flexibility. the president was talking about the u.s. led nato misel defense system underway in europe.
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look at the photos pretty cool you can see venus jupiter and the moon all alined in the sky over tokyo. they are submitted by a photographer to cnn i report and the appearance of the three are what space experts call conjunction. a fast moving wild fire force hundreds in their home. >> stay with us. the destruction that's caused so far. we have details on that story just ahead.
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you watching the station that works for you, good morning maryland." >> the public outcry over pink slime has been heard. what the company that makes theproduct says they will do. leaders in washington plan to tackle the problems and teensand distributed driving today. find out what the biggest distractions are for your teen driver. >> the latest numbers this morning on how much it's going to cost you to fill up at the gas tank straight i head. but as -- straight ahead. but that's live look at the in they bow plant --ed in ay bow plant d. naddy bow plant. march 27th tuesday morning thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go to the forecast because as you walk out it's chilly. freeze warnings if


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